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Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa


Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa

Qui | 04.11.21

There's a she.

H. Alegria

There's a she, there's a she and I couldn't see. How could I be so blind to not see her there? Always in the same window and I, oblivous, did not see.

I don't understand how we got here, how I got into this mess, how you allowed it to go that far.

I always knew of her. Late in the night when laying in your chest I could hear her name echoing from your heart. And you knew. And there was nothing there to hold onto. It was all fine until she knocked back on the door. 

No warning and no mention. I got used to her echo. I think I manage to forget it and created a silence. I guess there was an endless hallway of women who were passing by. And I was just there, making noise for my own head. I didn't hear her coming back. How could I be so oblivious?

She knocked on the door and got her keys back. She came back. She stayed. And sure, your heart bleeded for her, I was aware, I was there. How could I not see? She was there with you, back into your arms. Back into your life, into your house, by your side. And I, oblivious, did not see. 


I, laying in your chest, spent so many nights wondering of how many people you were crossing by when there was only her. Because we lived. Our lives had nothing to do with one another.

The only blood flooding now is a rope of trust that has been broken. How can I lay in your chest so many nights... How can you make such space for me in your life when she was the one by your side?

Your love echoed when I met you but I never thought there was love without respect. She knocked in your door and love welcomed her back with arms wide open. I never thought of you to allow it when respect, loyaly, faithfulness... Had packed and left her in the dark.

Poor girl did not knew. From your will no one would. And what should I do? How do you flash someone that you never even knew? How do you break someone that has nothing to do with you? I thought better of you. That love of yours that use to echo in your heart... You must be deaf and you had no right.

Yet it's late in the night and I'm afraid. She's by the window as she always is, as oblivious as you wanted me to be... And I'm always wondering if tonight's the night. Will you be here? I thought highly of you to ever even cross the possibility of you crushing her heart. How can one love someone and stab her in the back like that?

There was a she. It wasn't my job to see. But I did, and this silence is killing me.

Photo by Kate M on Unsplash