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Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa


Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa

Qua | 23.01.19

But she still plays it every night

H. Alegria

Her eyes
the look in her eyes
like when the stars meet the night sky
She never learned how to pretend
if she was looking into mine


Her way
her shyness and how she'd portray
with her hands dancing to the wind
and that pinkish shade painting her cheeks


She thought she could deceive me
thought I wouldn't hear the clatter in her chest
But her heartbeat was so loud
and louder the closer I stood
but she minded less than expected
and started dancing to her own love


However she knows
I don't want any of her songs
She knows I'm dancing on my own
to others that come this close
Yet she sings louder and louder
and never I saw something so pure


I try and try
to put on another song
But she only listens to mine
and I don't know how to play hers


So we stand
in different ways
Maybe years go by
and all things change
Maybe our playlists never ever meet again



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