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Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa


Meros pensamentos dramatizados em verso e em prosa


10.01.22 | H. Alegria | opinar
Ironically I forgot. I forgot the memories and the laughs. I forgot the flip flops and the vineyards. Everything slipped away like I did that summer in missing street. I don't miss it at all. Not anymore. None of it. Ironically I hated it. And (...)

There's a she.

04.11.21 | H. Alegria | opinar
There's a she, there's a she and I couldn't see. How could I be so blind to not see her there? Always in the same window and I, oblivous, did not see. I don't understand how we got here, how I got into this mess, how you allowed it to go that far. (...)

When it rains.

02.10.20 | H. Alegria | notas (3)
Mom says "have you written anything about it?". I didn't. Sometimes I don't. Seems easier to do so when it rains. And sometimes it doesn't rains in those specific days we thought it would. Actually, it's so much easier to write all down when (...)

But she still plays it every night

23.01.19 | H. Alegria | opinar
Her eyes the look in her eyes like when the stars meet the night sky She never learned how to pretend if she was looking into mine   Her way her shyness and how she'd portray with her hands dancing to the wind and that pinkish shade (...)

You still have yourself...

07.08.18 | H. Alegria | opinar
The skies have darkened for me a long time ago. In a place where the city lights not only seem distant but also seem impossible to reach. Yet, the stars won't shine. I'm just surrounded by the highest trees in the middle of these woods. (...)